Guidelines and Schedule for Registration


There is no registration fee for this conference. In addition, lunch box and accommodation are offered to those presenting an oral or poster.

You can register without presenting anything and simply attend the conferences and social events. However, in this case, neither accommodation nor lunch will be provided.

!! ATTENTION !! To be counted as registered, submitting a presentation is not enough, you must first register and then submit your presentation.



> To present a poster or an oral presentation you have to fill in and upload the dedicated form found on the submission page. The number of words and the fields to be filled in are indicated directly in this form.  In particular, you should indicate whether you prefer a poster or an oral session. As much as possible will do our best to accommodate your preference according to the demand of all and the quality of your abstract.

> The topics of the oral and poster presentations are those announced on the home page: applied ecology, population dynamics, impact of climate change, biomonitoring, animal behavior and cognition, physiology and evolutionary ecology... But you do not have to specify the topic during the submission process. The organizing committee will distribute the presentations according to the topics of each participant.

> The timing for oral presentations is as follows: 12 min talk / 3 min questions.

> To give us time to read and respond in a reasonable time before the conference starts, no abstract will be accepted from 15 February 2022.



Only the Gala evening has a particpiation fee (20€).  For those paying online, please make sure you manage the whole payment process when following the PayPal link given at registration. Here is the PayPal link, if needed:

When following this link, please check the option "send money to a friend", otherwise the website keeps a part that consequently cannot be invested in the gala evening anymore.



15/02: closing date for submission of abstracts for posters and oral presentations (it is still possible to register as a spectator)

13/03: final closing of registrations

01/03: a response (positive or negative) has been given to all those who have sent a presentation (oral or poster)

21/03: start of the 15th edition of the Ecology & Behaviour meetings

(see the conference schedule)

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