More sustainable conferences

Concerned about our ecological footprint, we have tried to reduce the impact of this conference.

Disposable plastic waste

- Goodies: Too often, goodies are objects that will be thrown away or accumulate without being really used. This is why we have decided not to propose any for this conference.

- Water bottles: During the presentations, we prefer to use water caraffes and glasses instead of water plastic bottles.

Paper consumption

Even if it is produced responsibly, paper can end up being wasted, thrown away during or after the conference. This is why we have chosen not to print flyers, only a program of the conference in which it will be possible to take notes directly, in order to make this program an object that you will possibly keep later to remember the conferences and the people you conacted at this moment.

Food waste

- For some of the meals and breaks during the conference, we plan to work with an association reusing unsold vegetables.

- Lunch basket: On the one hand to limit the number of meals thrown away and on the other hand to let everyone choose to eat what they like, the lunch basket is optional (option to be ticked when registering).

Vegetarian option

Meat consumption is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. This is why we encourage the consumption of vegetarian meals throughout the conference: vegetarian lunch baskets, vegetarian dishes at the gala dinner...

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