# Videoconference or face-to-face?

Unless the sanitary situation worsens quickly in the next few weeks, we are pleased to announce that the conference will be 100% face-to-face. So don't hesitate to register for the gala evening and the orther social events, that's where the best discussions take place! :)

If you are coming from abroad, please check that you will be able to come, taking into account a possible isolation period.

You can consult this official page of the French government (in English):

# Public health measures

We will apply the public health measures in effect at the time of the conference (see link above).

It is highly likely that wearing a mask indoors will be compulsory and we will have to check your vaccination pass (full vaccination schedule or recent infection). Please pay attention to take the necessary steps to avoid being refused entry to the conference for this reason.

# Follow the epidemic

In France (in French):

In France and in the world (in English):

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