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We strongly recommend that you use public transport or, even better, a bicycle to get around Strasbourg!

On the first morning, we will give tickets for public transport to those who have requested them. Please make sure to validate the ticket BEFORE getting on the trams (for the buses it is still possible to validate inside).

# Train, bus and tram

From the train station, you can take Tram C to the conference (get off at the "Observatoire" stop).

The L1 bus line and the 2 bus line allow you to go to the campsite from the front of the station ("Camping" stop). The Tram line B also allows you to get there ("Montagne Verte" stop), but should be taken a little further (near the brasserie Le Tigre where the gala evening will take place).

From the conference venue, it is possible to take tram C or E and then B to the campsite ("Montagne Verte" stop) or to the bar where the gala will take place ("Faubourg National" stop). It is also possible to take the bus 2 or L1 to get to the campsite ("Camping" stop) or to the train station (bus 2, "Gare Centrale" stop, but longer). Finally, it is possible to take the Ttram C to the train station ("Gare Centrale" stop). To get to the conference venue (46 boulevard de la Victoire), the name of the tram and bus stops is "Observatoire".

Maps in pdf format and route planning are available on the official website of the CTS company:

# Bicycles

It is possible to rent bicycles at self-service stations, company Vél'hop:

For those staying at the campsite, it also proposes bike rental.

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